Dead Guy In An Envelope (3:40pm).. another homerun winner!
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Well, that was a close one!  Only 2-days from the prize's expiry date and 24-days into the round, we have another winner on Dead Guy in an Envelope!!

LLOYD MANGAHAS (Ville St-Laurent) guessed that our mystery man was none other than..


Roy Thomas Hartsfield (October 25, 1925 – January 15, 2011).. a second baseman and manager in Major League Baseball; his MLB playing and managing (Toronto Blue Jays from 1977-79) careers each lasted three years.  Hartsfield played his entire major-league career with the Boston Braves (now the Atlanta Braves) from 1950 to 1952.  He was then traded to the Brooklyn Dodgers for outfielder Andy Pafko.  Hartsfield spent the next 19 years in the Dodgers organization as a minor league player and manager and major league coach.  In the latter role, he worked under Los Angeles skipper Walter Alston for three seasons.


LLOYD wins (2) tickets to thethe MLB preseason game, BLUE JAYS vs. METS at Olympic Stadium, March 29th!

Tune in tomorrow at 3:40pm for a new round of Dead Guy in an Envelope with a new prize up for grabs.. oh, and bragging rights too!