The Best Super Bowl Commercials: Bob Dylan

In case you missed them!

1.  Chrysler nailed it with their Bob Dylan commercial that rounded up every image of Americana from the past 60 years. 


2.  We loved the Radio Shack ad where the '80s icons smashed up the store to introduce the "new" more modern Radio Shack. It had Alf, HULK HOGAN, the California Raisins, KID 'N PLAY, MARY LOU RETTON, and a ton of other '80s references.

3.   Once again, Doritos crowdsourced their commercials and had a winner.  They had a spot where a kid with a homemade time machine accidentally tricked a guy into thinking he'd been transported to the future.  It definitely worked.

4.  Budweiser ran an emotionally manipulative commercial about one of their Clydesdales becoming friends with a puppy. 

5.  We also really liked Hyundai's ad where a dad kept saving his kid the moment before imminent danger . . . until they were driving in a Hyundai, which had the safety features to do it for him.

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