Happy April Fools from CHOM!

From 7-8AM this Morning Chom and Virgin switched frequencies! Happy April Fools!!



Apr 1, 201409:07

You guys did a very good april fools prank.. I really thought my car radio was broken.. You guys rock!! - vince dimayuga (a big fan of terry and heather b)
Apr 1, 201408:16
That was a really good one!! Freaked me out! Sheila Jefferson
Apr 1, 201408:11
I laughed when I noticed the dial. Good job! -Sammy
Apr 1, 201408:07
I'm cracking-up on the train! April Fool's is the anniversary of the day I proposed to my wife... So thanks for the laughs! ;-)
Apr 1, 201408:06
Omg, you totally got me!!!  AWESOME!!! At first I thought what the heck is CHOM playing - then I heard Virgin on CHOM then I found CHOM and thought oh God there's something wrong with my car! Then I finally got it, my 8 yr old got it before I did!!   WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 1, 201408:05
Best April fools joke from CHOM was the Quebec day lights savings time!! Totally fell for that one years ago!! Happy April fools! Have a great day. Jenn
Apr 1, 201408:02
Man you Had me on This morning with your april s fool prank! Wow Good one


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  1. VernaP posted on 04/01/2014 10:48 AM
    Well played, you merry morning pranksters ! I thought: Wow, we had to endure the Junos the other night, which really seemed like an info-mercial for Virgin Radio, and now look ! They've taken over CHOM !! #$$**#$ !!
    Thanks for making me laugh my a- - off ! That was FUN !
  2. MichelP_5 posted on 04/01/2014 01:26 PM
    thanks Chom FM
    you made my day with your april's fool prank. as soon as i realised the switch
    i call my buddies to let them know that Terry had accepted a contract with Virgin Radio, i won't let you read the comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chom rocks
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