I Just Felt Like Runnin!
From Ottawa to Granby
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Last Thursday my brother in law, Yvon Carriere, set out on a pretty epic journey. From his appartment in Ottawa all the way to his mom's house in his hometown of Granby.

"What's the big deal Rob? I drive that all the time?!?"

Hang on a sec. YC isn't driving it. He's jogging it! A total distance of 266kms that he's broken up into 6 full marathons (42.2kms) in as many days followed by a final much shorter and welcomed leg of 11kms to reach his mom's house in Granby Qc.

"But WHY?!?!"

For a couple of reasons. One, because Yvon is an accomplished long distance runner and is always setting new goals for himself, because he can. Which brings me to the second reason. Yvon's mom is living with Parkinson's. The run to her house is a show of support for the daily struggle that she endures.

"Thinking of what my mom is going through on a daily basis helps me get over the small pains. After all, rising above the pain, both physical and mental, is the victory." - Yvon Carriere

In training for a few of his races, Yvon has done some fundraising for Parkinson research through the Michael J. Fox "Team Fox" foundation. I invite you to read Yvon's blog as he chronicles his journey and, if you are so inclined, make a donation to a great cause.

Thank you.

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