The Gift of Bypassing the Boss

SurfEasy Private Browser

SurfEasy Private Browser

If you know someone with a healthy sense of internet paranoia, you can help alleviate their anxiety with a SurfEasy Private Browser ($70; or Staples).

It's a USB fob that jacks into any PC or Mac desktop or laptop from which you launch a private, secure web browser.

From there, no matter where it is in the physical world or what café, airport or public hotspot is used, all browser activity is fully cloaked and utterly anonymous. SurfEasy provides this protection with by routing all activity through "bank level" encryption on SurfEasy servers while privacy protocols on the browser itself are cranked up to MI5 intensity.

The user's actual identity, along with all those super-secret bank accounts, passwords, history, bookmarks, usernames and login IDs are all stored on the FOB, not in a cache of the computer it's jacked into. The FOB itself is likewise highly encrypted, password protected and metaphorically bullet-proof should it fall into the wrong hands.

But the user doesn't really have to worry about losing the thing as it snaps in an out of a wafer-thing, credit card-shaped holder and can be stored in a wallet or purse as such.

Really, the SurfEasy Private Browser is exactly the kind of thing your special someone wants to use at a workplace where the boss has blocked the IPs of, say, Facebook or YouTube or, because he or she doesn't actually visit those sites, SurfEasy does.

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