The Gift of Super Selfies

Galileo Robotic Motion Control for iPhone

Galileo Robotic Motion Control for iPhone

It's true, the world suffers from enough iPhone paraphernalia to make your head spin. You know, the rubberized Bluetooth iPad snow shovel case, the iPhone cheese grater w/speakerphone, that sort of thing.

But once in a while comes an Apple flavored gadget that makes you think "that also seems like a stupid gift idea and yet I'm compelled to know why." So you look at the Galileo Bluetooth ($150; for 5th-gen iPhones and iPod Touches (or a Galileo 30-Pin for 4th gen devices) and realize it's really not stupid at all. On the contrary, it offers some serious out-of-the-box utility, especially for the cinematographically inclined.

Design to expand the photo and video capture function of your iPad, iPod or iPhone (3G thru 4S), the $150 Galileo is a wireless, motorized iPhone/iPod Touch mount that both pivots and swivels 360 degrees. Its hefty base allows it to sit sturdy on any flat surface or affix to a tripod. You pre-program the desired orientation, motion and shot(s), or you can control it in real time with a second iDevice and "Sphere" app, and then it delivers a wealth of photo/video opportunities. To wit: get stage-side video of the kid's Christmas concert without blocking the view of all the other parents; shoot long-lens super-selfies; take realtor-style panoramas without being in the shot; watch the kids do homework while you kick back with the eggnog; use it as a live nanny cam or a security cam or a punked cam. Galileo on the shelf is the new fly-on-the-wall. Snow shovel not included.

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