The Gift of Beefcake Bluetooth

Jabra Sport Wireless+

Jabra Sport Wireless+

If you know someone who's really into fitness or, better still, who wants to get fit once they find a decent workout headset that's super durable and yet comfy, too, there's the super durable yet exceedingly comfy Jabra Sport Wireless ( or Apple Stores).

As is plainly clear from the " " sign in its name, this is more than just your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth stereo headset. Instead, it's designed specifically for the kinetically sweaty sort of music lover with design features that include stereo Bluetooth 3.0, a crystal clear directional mic with background noise suppression, plus the typical gambit of one-touch controls, all packed elegantly in a lock-n-load, behind-the-ear, tethered wrap. The Sport Wireless also includes three sizes of form-fitting, gel-cap ear buds to accommodate auricle cavities great and small.

The reachable battery is built right into the sleek housing, which also includes an FM radio for those with a hankering for commercial breaks and traffic updates while pounding the treadmill.

As for durability, Jabra claims the Sport Wireless is rain proof, dust proof and shock resistant "to a US Military standard." Unfortunately, my testing environment did not include IEDs or other live-fire scenarios in a downpour. However, I did find the Jabra Sport Wireless to be notably beefcake and perfectly capable of delivering superb audio while I sat in a chair and wrote this.

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