*AUDIO* Interview with Disruptive Publishers CEO Otis Perrick

Ever wonder who creates all the gear that you can purchase in the Xbox Live store to deck out your avatar or the themes to customize the look of the cross media bar on the PS3? Otis Perrick and his team at Disruptive Publishers are the ones behind helping you personalize your online gaming experience.

Based in Vancouver, Disruptive Publishers has taken gaming platforms to a new level by being the first ever company to give users the ability to customize and personalize their virtual avatars on Xbox and PlayStation by purchasing licensed virtual content, such as NBA jerseys and movie character themes.

Catherine and I got the chance to speak with Otis over the phone about his experiences working in the field of digital personalization of content and what it has been like working with brands such as the NFL, NHL, NBA, Billabong, and Activision.

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