An Interview with ProJared
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This article is from our Girls on Games Collaborator, xxStephy.

ProJared sat down with us at ConBravo! 2013 and told us about the horrible video game that motivated him to start making YouTube videos, some of the worst games he's played so far this year, some of the best games he's played, what games he's looking forward to, and the advice he would give anyone who is interested in making gaming YouTube videos.

Jared is currently completing a Blind Pokemon Y Nuzlocke challenge, plus he's always releasing "One Minute Reviews" and his "Top Ten" videos.


1. Only the first Pokemon seen in each area may be caught. If they faint or flee, no Pokemon may be caught in that area. DUPLICATES CLAUSE - I may not catch a Pokemon that I already have or had.

2. A Pokemon that faints is DEAD, and must be released. ADDITIONAL RULES a. No Trainer Healing items may be used during battle, such as Potions, Antidotes, etc. Held items, berries and restoration attacks are allowed. b. Battle Style changed from "Switch" to "Set". c. Blind playthrough.

You can follow ProJared from his youtube channel.

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