Nintendo's classics with a twist
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Are you looking for a way to relive games of yore? Or perhaps you want to introduce your children to video games from your youth? NES Remix on the Nintendo Wii U has you covered.

NES Remix takes retro 1980's Nintendo classics and converts them into mirco-mini games, à la Wario Ware and Mario Party. The game offers over 200 stages through 16 different games such as Donky Kong, Donky Kong Jr, Mario Bros., Excitebike, Baloon Fight and Super Mario Bros to name a few.

Each game has a series of stages that you must complete, to the best of your ability, to earn up to 3 stars. The more stars your earn, the more stages and games you unlock. This is a familiar mechanic for those folks who have played Angry Birds and Where's My Water. If you find a level too difficult and cannot finish it, no problem. If you attempt it once it will automatically open the next stage for that game.

The Remix levels are essentially the classic games with a twist. Some of them are a mash up of two games together, such as Link replacing Jump Man in Donky Kong. Like in the original Legend of Zelda game, Link is without the ability to jump, so you must navigate around the barrels without this crucial skill. Others add new elements to the old games that were not there before, such as slippery ice on the ground during a Super Mario Bros. level, or turning off and on the visibility of platforms to make it more difficult to see your next step. The Remix levels bend the rules of the age-old classics that make them fresh and new again.

The control schemes remain true to the original titles, which can be both a curse and a blessing. While playing I often reflected on how difficult the classic games were and how I still managed to work through them when I first played in the 80s. I also garnered an appreciation for current game controller schemes and how sensitive and fluid they are. Playing through the stages of the Legend of Zelda after just finishing Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds had me cursing that I could only travel on the X and Y-axis while trying to defeat enemies.

Even though the controls can be somewhat aggravating at times, the game approaches the first few stages as a means to teach the controls before graduating onto more complicated challenges. This makes the NES Remix a good way to introduce younger players to classic games.

NES Remix is a game that would have been excellent on 3DS or even a mobile device (I know, Nintendo is not interested in mobile, but one can dream right?). The mini game mechanic lends so well to my morning commute, having about 15 minutes on the bus where I could easily pop open my 3DS and complete a few levels before my stop. I played most of the title using the GamePad and having that portability would make this game even stronger.

NES Remix is an excellent way to relive the past. If you are familiar with these games or they are new in your hands, you will have a lot of fun working your way through the library of Nintendo classics. You can download NES Remix today from the Nintendo eShop.

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