Review: Customizing your Consoles with Dbrand Skins
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Customizing your gaming tech and making it your own can be a little challenging right now. We are so early into the life cycle of the PlayStation4 that it is only available in black, and for older consoles, maybe you want to do something a little different than the color options available in store. This is where Dbrand Inc. has your covered.

Dbrand creates skins for game consoles, tablets and sell phones out of 3M vinyl. They measure each device hundreds of times in order to get the most accurate template possible. They come in many different textures and colors including leather, carbon fiber, brushed titanium, mahogany and powder-coated true colors. The materials are said to be 100% resistant to fading and scratching so if you are clumsy like me, no worries.

Their website features an excellent skin selector where you can mix and match the different colors and textures of skins on a model of your device. I chose the Black Carbon fiber for my PS4 and the Silver Titanium for my PSVita. The website renderings are pretty darn close to the skins you receive in the mail.

Applying the skins is a lot easier than you might think. Dbrand has created great tutorial videos that walk you through step-by-step how to apply the skins. The vinyl is pretty forgiving if you screw up, just don’t press very firmly on the skin until you are absolutely sure you are happy with the placement.

The skins are really accurately cut and fit the consoles like a glove. The textures and colors of the vinyl are beautiful and nice to the touch. For my PS4, I like the carbon fiber vinyl much more than the stock matte plastic.

Don’t worry that your device will be ruined by the glue on the skin. I applied and then removed the skin on the glossy part of my PS4 with no problem.

My only complaint about the skins is that on the back of the PS4 skin there is no hole for the serial code sticker. If you ever need to access the serial code, you will have to remove the skin to read it.

The Dbrand skins are an excellent way to customize your gear without breaking the bank. The PS4 skin (with controller skin) will run you $45 while the PSVita is $29. This is a great way to put your personality into your console.

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