WATCH: Child of Light, The Making Of, part 2
Music, sound design and theatrics
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Child of Light's artistic style is refined and breathtaking but it's needs more in order to create the perfect interactive fairy tale. Enter Canadian singer-songwriter Coeur de Pirate and Bastien Alexandre, consultant for Cirque du Soleil Media.

“Music is one of the most important ways to communicate emotion to players. The music of Coeur de Pirate is fresh, romantic and optimistic, a perfect match for what we wanted to express with Child of Light. I am extremely honored that she wanted to join us on this adventure.”

“Videogames invites players to be immersed in virtual worlds and no one is better to create immersive and magical experiences than the artists of the Cirque du Soleil, so to be able to collaborate with them to achieve Child of Light’s ambition to create a playable poem was a dream come true.”

-Patrick Plourde, Creative Director, Ubisoft.

My excitement for Child of Light increases each time Ubisoft releases information. I can't wait to dive into the world of Lemuria.

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