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It's time to be a dare devil without breaking your own neck. Trials Fusion mashes up futuristic environments with rugged terrain to make a platform racer that provides great challenges, exceptional crashes and just enough rag doll physics hilarity to keep you hitting retry over and over again.

Trials Fusion is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Trials Evolution. RedLynx took what worked in the previous title and upgraded to next generation consoles with excellence. At its core, Trials Fusion is a series of race courses that you must complete as fast and as intact as possible. In addition to getting from start to finish, there are multiple challenges on each track. The challenges vary from obtaining a high score doing tricks and flips, to triggering a hidden switch in a level, to bailing off your bike and flying through the air without a parachute. It is by far the most varied game design seen to date in the Trials franchise.

The tracks are full of obstacles, the terrain varies frequently and the surrounding world moves and explodes just enough to catch you off guard and make you crash spectacularly. It is those crashes and "almost-got-it"s that make this game just about as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Once you are finished with all the races and completed all the challenges, take a spin building your own track in the create mode. While the game comes with about 60-odd tracks ready to race, that number can grow exponentially with access to the track editor and over 1000 parts available for your building pleasure. With over 650 000 tracks that were created and uploaded online by users of Trials Evolution, the extended play for Fusion through user imagination alone seems endless.

When you are ready to challenge your friends and the wold, Trials Fusion has a great multiplayer mode. There is a 4 person local multiplayer that puts you up against your friends sitting in the comfort of your living room. If you friends are all busy, take the race online and challenge the worldwide leader boards. See how you stack up against the best racers on the planet.

Trials Fusion is more than just a racing game. It's a challenge of speed, skill, creativity and patience that balances frustration and comedy perfectly. And no matter how good you are, you will be making some of the most magnificent wipe-outs ever.

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