*WATCH* Kevin Spacey stars in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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In the wake of a leak, this trailer was officially published by Activision. We've often talked about motion capture on Girls on Games. Cut scenes are now acted out by real actors and both the motion and the dialogue are captured and directly plugged into the game. They are then polished by the game's animators and programmers. In the upcoming Call of Duty, not only did they get a famous actor to do so but also gave his complete likeness to his character. Kevin Spacey will play a key role in Advanced Warfare as he will be at the helm of a private military company that turned its back on the U.S. government. In the above trailer, you clearly see a heated battle set on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

This trailer was most likely to be part of Sunday's announcement where the "new era" of C.O.D. is said to be revealed. We might have gotten part of the plot spoiled by this leak but I think we'll get a deeper look into the game's features and story on Sunday.

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