Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer
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Check out the new trailer for Sunset Overdrive, the latest open-world shooter from Insomniac Games. The game was announced at the Xbox E3 press conference last year and we hadn't really heard anything since, until an embargo leak which prompted the official gameplay trailer being released today. Xbox probably wanted to hold on to this gem until their E3 2014 press conference in a few weeks, but lucky us, we get to see it in advance.

The game looks impressive. It has a cartoony style that mixes 3d and 2d animation really well. There is loads of wit and comedy packed in ever aspect of the trailer, from the weapons to the respawning to the overall concept of how the 'zombie' creature came to be.

Xbox has also highlighted the Day One Edition exclusives that you would get for pre-ordering the game:

  • “Nothin’ but the Hits” gun: An overcharged version of the High Fidelity gun that launches limited edition, priceless, multi-colored vinyls that do increased damage.
  • “It’s Me! Fizzie!” outfit: Fizzie is more popular than you because he has a great marketing budget. So, why not dress up as him and get in on some of that fame?
  • “Hardcore! Hammer”: You ponder buying the Day One Edition of “Sunset Overdrive.” A spot check reveals that if you do, you can equip a mighty hammer made from a bat and spiked dumb-bells. You buy the Day One Edition of “Sunset Overdrive.”

The game doesn't have a set launch date yet, just Fall 2014. Drop us a line and let us know your 2 cents on the trailer! @thegirlsongames on twitter.

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