E3 2014: EA Conference
Fifa, NHL, NFL, Star Wars... Wait, what?
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Article written by Girls on Games collaborator, Catherine Dumont.

Electronic Arts (EA) kicked off their E3 2014 conference with a bang, showcasing their upcoming game Star Wars: Battlefront. Their inspiration? The original Star Wars trilogy. Not only did the dev team travel to the original movie locations for accuracy, but they're collaborating with Lucas Film to bring us this exciting new experience set to be released Spring 2015.

- Next up was EA's Dragon Age Inquisition, the third installment in the series. All the feels were brought out when they presented the trailer in conjunction with a live violinist. Dragon Age Inquisition combines powerful narrative with an expansive open-world, drawing gamers into the ultimate battle between good and evil. The game comes out this September.

- Bioware had gotten me very excited with their behind-the-scenes trailer on the creation of Mass Effect. Though there has been rumours floating around that the Mass Effect trilogy was set to receive the next-gen treatment, unfortunately nothing was announced. Whomp Whomp. Bioware, why you tease?!

- The game that kept me at home for a good chunk of my childhood is getting a new sequel! EA announced The Sims 4 is coming out September 2nd of this year. The game appears to remain mostly the same, and that's a good thing. In this installment, you'll have even more control over your Simlings by actually choosing their personality, which in turn, will affect their emotions and behavior. So you can basically create a psychotic serial killer that loves to read Hemingway and babysit puppies. Another new feature is the ability to create and share your Sims with other players. The god life is back and with a vengeance. I wonder if rosebud or motherlode still work? And can i still drown my Sims by taking out the pool ladder and then stealing all their money? Hmm, only time will tell.

- And then the sports coverage began. How did they kick it off? By showcasing Bruce Lee as a playable character in the upcoming EA Sport UFC game. Don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, it's kind of creepy but then again you get to be Bruce Lee. Pretty badass. It's out in a couple of weeks on June 17th.

- Montreal Canadiens REPRESENT! EA Canada presented their next-gen hockey game NHL 15 and we got a glimpse of Carey Price and PK Subban. It's releasing on September 9th of this year in North America and on September 12 in Europe.

- If truth be told, I'm not much of a sports game fan. The last sports game I played the crap out of was Fifa 98 when I was a wee girl. Favorite team? Cameroon. But Criterion Games new adrenaline-junkie IP actually got me excited. Though still really early in development, it's slated to be a sort of extreme sports first person game. Looks epic Criterion Games said its their biggest project yet.

- EA announced their EA Sports PGA Tour Golf (obviously game). Though they didn't show much, what they did demonstrate was so far so good. They had a mix of world famous golf courses as well as these fantasy ones where you can gold next to a flaming battleship. Pretty Cool. Their tagline? "Golf without limits".

- EA Sports' Madden NFL 15 set to launch on August 26th. They focused on the defense and tackle abilities, and how we're going to have more and more control over the in-game players.

- Dawngate made an appearance today during EA's conference. Right now, the MOBA is in its beta phase but the developers were shown talking about their passion behind their creation and that its "designed to entertain you". They attempt to tug at our heartstrings by telling us that the characters are fighting for a purpose. It worked. I love when you can tell that a team is proud of what they created.

- We got to see a short prototype of Dice's next installment in the Mirror's Edge world. Though we didn't get to see much in terms of gameplay, we got to see behind-the-scenes footage of its creation, particularly the development of Faith, Mirror's Edge protagonist.Building on first Mirror's Edge, Dice wants players to explore the environment and the ability to freerun through the area. They also aim to expanding upon Faith's backstory for the new (and old) generation of gamers.

- Aaaaand we got ourselves another Fifa game. EA Sports' Fifa 15 shows an enhanced focus on the AI's emotion and emotional intelligence. If you win, your players will run about with their shirts off. If you lose… well. They may cry. EA also emphasized Fifa 15's authentic player visuals, dynamic environment and stadiums full of soccer hooligans. It's coming out sometime this fall.

- GET TO DA CHOPPA! Last but not least is Visceral's next installment in the Battlefield franchise: Battlefield: Hardline. Good guys versus bad guys; cops versus robbers thematic create the foundation for Hardline. Though the leak-trolls put out tons of info on the game prior to E3, it was still awesome to see it in action. Set In Los Angeles, expect Visceral to deliver a heavily-narrative driven game alongside Battlefield's signature awesomesauce multiplayer.They're also introducing a new game mode called "Heist", where you can either be a cop trying to stop the baddies, or the dudes that get to steal shit. And as a criminal, you get to zipline down a street. Thumbs up on my end.

EA is launching the beta of battlefield hardline TODAY, available only to PS4 and PC. So sign up via their website >

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