E3 2014: PlayStation Press Conference
The most varied offering for E3 2014
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The conference opened with a brand new Destiny trailer detailing the online FPS' backstory. Sony then announced a white PS4 Destiny bundle that will be available on Sept 9th 2014. PlayStation gamers will also get launch day exclusive in game content like Exodus, a multiplayer map and a co-op strike on Mars.

It was quickly followed by the release of a trailer for The Order 1886, a new action-adventure IP coming exclusively to the PS4. It's set in an alternate version of Victorian London where an old order of knights keep fight half-breed werewolf looking monsters.

All that violence was interrupted by the soothing trailer for Entwined, an indie game about two souls who are in love but can't be together. Gamers control two characters at once with each analog stick and navigate through increasingly intricate levels. The goal is to eventually join the two together so they may become one. Entwined is available right now as a digital download for PS4 for $10 and is coming later to the PS3 and PS Vita.

We got our first look at an inFAMOUS Second Son DLC: inFAMOUS First Light. It will be available in August 2014 and you can already pre-order it. The new adventure features Fetch, the character that you obtain neon powers from in inFAMOUS Second Son.

Sony lightens the mood once again by premiering co-op gameplay for Little Big Planet 3, coming to PS4 this November. There are new abilities, levels, puzzles and characters and the game is as adorable as ever. Sackboy's new friends are Oddsock, a four legged creature that can wall jump and has super speed. Toggle is biggest, heaviest and strongest of the lot but he can also become very small and light. Swoop is a bird-like character that can fly. LBP 3 will also include all user generated levels from LBP2, with the improved graphics of the PS4.

Sony brings us yet again into a dark Victorian setting à la Dishonored with a completely new IP: Bloodborne. This gory title will be available in 2015.

We also were treated to another Far Cry 4 preview! This time, we got a taste of the gameplay in all its first person view glory. We get to experience combat in the precarious mountain settings of the Himalayas. The trailer also features a new co-op mode where you can call your friends for backup. Exclusive to PlayStation, friends can join via PSN even if they don't own the game! Like many long standing Ubisoft games, they seem to build on true and tested features in a new setting with a few new features to keep it fresh.

I was starting to wonder when the Zombies would join the fun, because what's an E3 conference without a zombie game? Dead Island 2, yet another witty zombie survival game coming next Spring and PS4 gamers will enjoy an exclusive 30-day beta.

Sony then followed with more exclusive content coming to PS4, including a theme dungeons for Diablo III on PS4 and reminded us of the PlayStation exclusive beta for Battlefield: Hardline, announced merely hours before during the EA conference.

Paradox is working on Magicka 2 - Learn To Spell… Again, a follow-up to their 2011 4 player co-op adventure. It's coming to PlayStation first, PC later.

After 15 years, Grim Fandango will be remastered exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

A bunch of awesome looking indie titles will be making their console debut on PlayStation platforms: Broforce, Titan Soul, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami: Wrong Number, The Talos Principle.

Let me abuse of the word "exclusive" once more as the violent and downright gory Let It Die will be an exclusive release for the PS4.

Giant Squid of Journey fame, premiered their new game Abzû, a beautiful mythical underwater adventure who will be making its console debut on PS4.

Another game to make console debut on PS4 is the colourful indie game No Man's Sky, an online open world game of space combat and exploration. It was inspired by classic sci-fi of the likes of Azimov. Each player starts on a different planet so no two experience is the same. The universe is said to be so vast, infinite even, that not even the game's developers know what's out there. No Man's Sky is an infinite journey into space.

PlayStation Camera was offered since launch as an option. In March, Sony unveiled Morpheus, a virtual reality prototype. Sony offers two new demos using both pieces of hardware at their E3 booth.

Let's step away from game trailers and talk PSN updates. Sony boasted new powerful ways to share your experiences and connect with your friends within the community. Youtube is coming to PS4 later this year so players may upload video captures to their channels via the controller's share button. Twitch and Ustream integration will not only enable you to spectate their session in real time but also interact with them. There's a new category in the PSN store: Free To Play! Over 25 FTP titles coming to the PSN including Kingdom Under Fire 2 and Gunza.

We then got a preview of PlayStation Now, an online library of games including over 100 PS3 games like Dead Space 3 and Ultra Street Fighter 4. The open beta will be available in the US and Canada as of July 31st on PS4 and later on on PS3 and Vita. PS Now is said to give the Vita the largest library of games for any mobile device. Sony also announced new titles coming to Vita including the full console experience of Minecraft coming to Vita with the full co-op experience.

PlayStation TV, Sony's micro-console currently only available in Japan, is coming to the US, Canada and Europe this Fall for $99 or bundled in with a Dualshock 3, a 8gb memory card and a download code for The LEGO Movie game for $139. PS TV will give access to 1000 games through the PS Now library and enable PS4 owners to play remotely on another TV.

We were then treated to Mortal Kombat X gameplay footage! They somehow managed to make it even more gruesome, graphic and violent than the previously released trailers. It features awesome graphics and animation while keeping an old school fighting game feel. Fair warning, it's very violent.

The entertainment offering on PS4 and the PS TV will be buffed up with exclusive original content tailored for gamers like the series Powers, based on the popular graphic novels and comic books. It's currently under production and casting is under way. It will be available in the US in December with the first episode will be available for free to all PSN users. PSN + members will be available to watch the whole series at no extra cost.

Another original production in the works is the Ratchet & Clank animated movie. Both the movie and a new game will be available in 2015.

Critically acclaimed, best-selling and heartbreaking game The Last of Us is being remastered for PS4 and is releasing July 29th. Get ready to have your heart ripped out of your chest yet again with this dramatic trailer set to a cover of Nirvana's Something In The Way.

Sony kept the drama train going in full force by premiering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Yet another tense trailer amplified by an appropriate song choice: Mike Oldfield's Nuclear.

The ambitious Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4 this fall. Gamers who wish to upgrade to the next-gen version will be happy to learn that all online progress and characters will be transferable from the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the PS4.

Rocksteady and WB Games premiered a Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay trailer featuring once more the sheer size of Gotham's open world. More importantly, we finally saw the Batmobile in action. The game will feature Scarecrow Nightmare Missions exclusive to PS4.

The conference closed by revealing one last title: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, coming in 2015. The trailer and title are hinting that this might be Drake's last adventure…

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