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Following in the footsteps of last year, Nintendo decided to opt out of the full stage press conference, to deliver us all its E3 goodies in the form of a more structured digital event. Probably for the better too, since we got to see a lot more humor out of the Nintendo senior executives that was genuinely funny instead of the awkward attempts that they usually make on stage.

To start it off, we got a Super Smash Bros. style battle between Reggie and Iwatta-san to introduce Mii Fighter as the latest addition to the Super Smash Bros fight card. Players will now be able to add their Miis into the game and assign them to one of three fighting types; brawler, swordfighter or gunner. Each fighting type can choose from four special moves out of twelve options. With this ability to construct characters, you can essentially create any character you can think of to join the battle. Nintendo also teased that there will be many different game modes beyond the smash battles, but didn’t elaborate further. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be released on October 3rd 2014, while the 3DS version has be delayed until winter 2015.

Along with the Super Smash Bros announcement was the reveal of Amiibo, the Skylanders/Disney Infinity-style figurines that you will be able to purchase to add another level of skills to your Super Smash Bros game. Each Amiibo will have its own stats and will also evolve with your play style. Super Smash Bros. is the first game that will use these figurines and Mario Kart 8 will also be updated to use them.

Moving on to a developer diary, the next game profiled was Yoshi’s Wooly World. It’s an action platformer game that uses yarn and fabric to build its world. This Wii U games has a textured, hand made feel that looks super plush; I want to use one of the yarn Yoshis as a pillow. The game is centered around exploration and has a lot of gameplay elements from previous Yoshi’s Story games such as the egg toss. Being constructed from yarn, Yoshi will be able to easily transform into new forms to help move forward in the missions. There will be a two-player mode which features the ability to eat your partner and toss them to platforms otherwise unreachable alone.

Next was a quick trailer for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, a full game based around the Toad mini missions from Super Mario 3D World set to release Holiday 2014.

We also got a quick teaser about the new Legend of Zelda. It’s going to be open world and follow in the tracks of A Link Between Worlds in how the game will let you choose your path to execute the story. It doesn’t have a full title yet and has a loose launch date of 2015.

Very quick trailer for previously announced Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire highlighting trainers and pokemon you will see while playing the game.

Bayonetta 2 was announced last E3 as Nintendo’s game dedicated to the hard core gamer demographic. The trailer highlighted in-game battles and teased Link and Samus style costumes available in the game. Bonus for those who didn’t play the original, Bayonetta 1 will be bundled with Bayonetta 2.

Hyrule Warriors will be the Zelda/Destiny Warriors mashup that will tie us over until we get the new Legend of Zelda game. Taking on the style from Destiny Warriors, you will take on the persona of one of your favourite Zelda character to fight in large style battles. Link, Zelda, Impa and Minda are confirmed playable characters and I am sure we will hear of more before launch. The concept behind this game was to take the essence of both games to make a hybrid that is better than the sum of its parts. Hyrule Warriors is set to release September 26th, 2014.

A quick trailer for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse was next, showing bright and fun gameplay that we will get our hand on in 2015.

Also a quick tease was an animated cinematic of Xenoblade Chronicles, coming in 2015.

Creative types are going to love this next trailer. Mario Maker is like old school Mario Paint, but with the ability to create your own custom Mario levels instead of music. Choose between retro style NES levels or do a quick convert to make your level 3D. There are new features like a skinny mushroom which turns Mario instantly stick-like. This is going to be an interesting title to watch evolve until release in 2015.

Splatoon, an 8-person online action game looks to take paintball to the next level. You play as a humanoid character who can transform into a squid. You must paint the battlefield your teams designated color as fast as you can before the opposing team takes over. The team with the most paint on the terrain wins. You can only splatter paint when you are in the humanoid form, but you can traverse the map much faster if you transform and dive into your paint color as a squid. Walking through the opposing color will make your character move super slow, so avoid enemy paint or just paint it over and make that area yours. There is an interesting map feature that will let you see in real time how the land is getting painted by both teams. It also features the ability to quickly move to your allies position by tapping on them. This new IP is also set for release in 2015.

And last but not least, to keep with the Super Smash Bros buzz, Nintendo announced Lady Palutena to join the roster. That game is going to be jam packed with cool characters to play as!

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