5 Reasons you need Tomodachi Life for your 3DS
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So What is Tomodachi Life Exactly?
Tomodachi Life is a life simulation game created by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. Created as a sequel to Japan-exclusive Tomodachi Collection, the game initially reminded me of a crossover between Tamagotchi and The Sims… Except much more fun and lighthearted. Read on for the top 5 reasons why Tomodachi Life should be added to your arsenal of games.

1. Create a crazy world where friends, family and celebrities come together.

Ever wondered if Daenerys Targaryen would fall in love with you? Or if you and your girlfriend would actually get together in an alternate world? Tomodachi Life’s got you covered. You start off on an island which you name and then get to populate with Miis. All the Miis can be either created through a real-life picture or from scratch, and you get to choose their personalities, and this is where the beauty of the game is. Though you play God, the Miis are unpredictable and ultimately make their own choices in preferences, mates and attitudes. The Mii version of myself hates fried chicken and lollipops even though the real me can gladly eat that all day, errday.

2. Watch the Miis participate in a nonsensical alternate reality.
Let’s get this out of the way off the bat: this is Nintendo, guys and the Miis are weird, absurd and amazing. The first Miis I created were myself, my husband and a human version of my dog Bowie. I left them to do their thing in the apartment building (in which all Miis stay in their own place until they get married) while I explored the Island and the other locations. I come back to check on them to find myself and my husband taking part in a tug-of-war battle over a piece of apple pie that’s being pulled like Stretch Armstrong. They now hate each other (art imitating life? HA. Just kidding!). Your Miis will also pop up as shop owners, news anchors and on television!

3. Miis say the darndest things.
One of my favorite parts of the game is hearing what my Miis have to say. Sometimes they’ll have endearing and cute things to say such as “July makes me giddy. I just can’t contain my July jubilation”. They also have surprisingly insightful life quotes: “It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up. Except for potions and fairies”. And other times, they’re downright douchey: “I think my job as a friend is to stop my buddies from being dumb. It’s tough!”. It’s just like real life, guys!”

4. It’s a long-term game.
Tomodachi Life doesn’t bother itself with campaigns and restrictive gameplay, it’s an open-ended never ending game with endless possibilities which is both refreshing and keeps you wanting to check back constantly. The game works around your clock so when you sleep, they sleep. Your new day is their new day. Everyday the island’s shops stock up with new goods and services, and leisure locations have new events that abide to a 24-hour schedule, so whenever you have time to check in your Miis, there is something to do. A good thing about the is that your Miis will wait patiently for your return, and won’t die or become resentful if you skip out on a few days of interacting with them. The game is so addictive, however, that you’ll find yourself anticipating checking in on them and next thing you know, a couple of hours have passed by feeding them, changing their outfits and playing the matchmaking guru. And as you add more Miis, or your Miis have babies, the bigger and stranger the world becomes.

5. Ultimately, the game is just plain fun and hilarious.  
The real fun in the game is just watching these adorable little Miis live their lives while you help them out with simple, everyday life situations. While they do act independently, sometimes the little buggers will ask you to rub a feather on their noses to help them sneeze, or what a perfect date location would be. Other times they’ll ask you to look inside their bellies and say “Pretty neat, huh?”. They say the most random and weird things ever that will actually make you laugh out loud, especially if it’s Mii versions of people you know. You can capture every weird moment or sentence they say with the 3DS’s camera, or send them on vacation while they ask you to take pictures for them. If you catch them sleeping, you can enter their dreams which are really strange and funny. You can also make them become rap stars, Opera singers or Hula dancers.

Bottom line is that Tomodachi Life was a sleeper hit for me, and I never thought I’d get so engrossed by a game that doesn’t really a point. But I have, and it’s addictive as heck.

Article written by Girls on Games collaborator, Catherine Dumont.