The US Is Prepared For A Zombie Apocalypse... But Is Canada?
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Zombies are a hot topic in movies, television and video games, but ever wonder what if the undead attacked in real life? Do you have a shot gun and a chainsaw ready? Do you know that the most important step is the double tap? Will our government be prepared to deal with such an epidemic?

South of the border, the US government has created a plan to stop a zombie apocalypse and it is no joke. has posted on its website the full unclassified document called "CONOP 8888", a zombie survival plan and how-to guide for military planners faced with the onslaught of the walking dead. They even break down the different types of zombies such as pathogenic zombies (virus or bacteria infected), radiation zombies (electromagnetic or particle radiation infected), evil magic zombies (the ones that are cursed by a necromancer) and space zombies (contamination from extra-terrestrial invasion). The document is 31 pages long and really damn thorough.

So what about Canada? Are we ready? Back in February of 2013, Winnipeg MP Pat Martin asked the Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird about this nation's preparations for a zombie apocalypse. Check out the video above to see the house members having a few laughs at the question. Though 'Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies', no clear answer is given to whether we have a plan like the US, so I am going to keep my shotgun handy.

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