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Tim McIlrath of Rise Against - In Studio with Rockman
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Tim McIlrath, lead singer of Rise Against, sat down in studio with Jason Rockman to talk about their upcoming 7th record, The Black Market. 

McIlrath states that as the 7th record, the band has achieved the licence to really write and record what they want for this album. 

Rockman and McIlrath reflect on life on the road as parents and how family responsibilities have altered Rise Against's touring habits. McIlrath mentions that it is a real conundrum "being this anti-authority figure and now I have to raise kids".

They also talk about the documentary "The Other F Word", end of tour gags and Rise Against's upcoming European tour with Pennywise. 

Check out the full interview below and a solo acoustic performance of "I Don't Wanna Be Here Anymore".

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