The Night The Rolling Stones Met The Beatles at The Crawdaddy Club, April 14, 1963
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If you wanted to identify one spot where British rock began, you might well choose the building at #1 Kew Road in Richmond, right across from the Richmond train and subway station. 

Back entrance of the Crawdaddy

In 1963, it was the Richmond Station Hotel, but around back was an entrance into a club known as The Crawdaddy Club, named after a Bo Diddley song, "Doing the Craw-Daddy." 

Stones performing at the Crawdaddy

This is where the Rolling Stones first began, playing ever Sunday night. Soon their popularity grew and crowds spilled out into the streets. And even the reigning kings of British rock, The Beatles, who already had a number 1 hit on British radio at this point (Love Me Do), came down to check them out, the night of April 14, 1963. 

The individual Rolling Stones remember being intimidated by the presence of The Beatles, but equally impressed by their look. All four Beatles were dressed in long leather coats they'd bought during their time in Hamburg. Mick Jagger says that that was the moment he knew he wanted to be a rock star. 

Richmond Hotel, then and now

After, the Stones and Beatles met and headed back to an apartment shared by Mick, Keith, and Brian Jones, and a mutually influential friendship began. 

The popularity of the Stones at the Crawdaddy Club forced it to relocate to a bigger space, and the Stones moved on to bigger things, to be replaced by another rising band, The Yardbirds, featuring lead guitarist Eric Clapton. 

Today, the original location of the Richmond Hotel at #1 Kew Road is occupied by a pub called The Bull.

The Rolling Stones interview, Montreal 1965: