Pink Floyd become the house band at the UFO Club
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Pink Floyd at the UFO Club, 1967

In 1966, London may have been swinging, but really it was still a very conservative town. Except on Friday nights at 31 Tottenham Court Road, in an Irish watering hole called the Blarney Club, because on those nights, it was transformed by the combined talents of the London underground collective into what was called The UFO Club, pronounced not "U-F-O," but "U-Fo." 

It all began on December 23, 1966. You went down some steps and entered an Aladdin's cave of brilliantly coloured crawling slides, strobes, silent films and cartoons, all splashed across the walls simultaneously. The air was heavy with incense and the crowd was a bizarre mix of characters dressed in 19th century military uniforms and exotic clothing. In one corner would be a juggler or poet, a mime in another, while patrons swayed to the experimental sounds of the regular house band known as THE Pink Floyd. 

UFO Club, Then and Now

They were extremely  and anti-melodic. And they'd line the side walls with their sound equipment so that the music enveloped the swaying, dancing patrons, most of whom were high on LSD, which was not yet made illegal, and was actually handed out for free.

Pink Floyd at the UFO Club, 1967