The Police play onstage for the first time with Andy Summers on guitar; and Bon Scott drinks himself to death
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Playbill feat. The Police

The Music Machine was a famous live venue in Camden town, in Northwest London. It was originally a Victorian-era cinema that was converted in 1977 into a live venue. And on July 25, 1977, it hosted a free concert to introduce fans to the place. Three bands were on the bill including a new band called The Police. 

The Police sported 4 members then, with two guitarists: original guitarist Henry Padovani, and a brand new recruit playing with them for the very first time, Andy Summers. Two weeks later, they dumped their other guitarist, and became the peroxide trio that conquered the world. 

The Music Machine, today

Bon Scott's grave

The Music Machine was also where Bon Scott of AC/DC came on the night of his death, Feb. 19, 1980. He and a friend were drinking heavily at the Music Machine, and Bon apparently fell asleep during the ride home. The friend could not wake Bon, so he left him in the car to sleep. The next day, the friend came down to check on Bon, and found him unconscious in the car. Bon could not be revived, and was pronounced dead. 

AC DC - Highway to hell 1980 (1979)