The final concert ever by The Beatles
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3 Saville Row

Saville Row remains the location of London's elite tailors and the financial barons of London. And so it has been for generations, including on January 30, 1969 when The Beatles upset the quiet reserve of umbrella-carrying English gentlemen by suddenly appearing on the roof of 3 Saville Row for an impromptu lunch-time concert. Today it is the head offices of the Building Societies Association. But 43 years ago, it housed the offices of The Beatles company, the Apple Corporation. 

The Beatles were in the midst of filming a documentary capturing them in the act of making a new album. The finale of the film was supposed to be a concert, their first in three years. 

After some initial talk about playing in the Tunisian desert, the idea then shifted to Hamburg where they'd be booked into a club under the name Ricky and the Red Streaks. The word would go out that this was THE hot new band out of England, the new Beatles. Once the place was packed and the doors closed, out would stride the actual Beatles. 

In the end, however, they decide to simply walk up the stairs, to the roof of their Apple offices, for an impromptu free lunch-time concert. 

The view of the rooftop from the street

Looking back, that seems like an incredible treat for passers-by, but  on posh Saville Row in 1969, they were seen as merely a loud annoyance to the street's exclusive shops. The Royal Bank of Scotland, across the street, called the police who, 40 minutes into what would be the world's greatest band's very last concert, put a stop to it. 

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