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All about Kandle

What do you get when you mix equal parts Bukka White, Skip James, Mazzy Star and Brian Jonestown Massacre? Kandle Osborne's icy cool debut EP, that's what. Like a musical wizard, this old soul knows how to make magic. 

Born in BC, Kandle now calls Montreal home. But, how did a twenty year old get so wise? Instead of selling her soul to the devil, she met the crossroads early in life, choosing the path of song. Being the daughter of Neil Osborne, singer and guitarist for the iconic 5440 (and also her producer), music has surrounded her from the womb. Growing up in a house where songwriting was as natural as breathing, its no surprise that at just 16 she began noir pop band The Blue Violets with sister Coral Osborne and later, friend Louise Burns, touring extensively throughout Canada and even China. In 2010, she began honing in on her craft, perfecting the six tracks that would become her first solo record. 

With songs like "Small", driven by the rhythm of an actual ball and chain, she summons the spirit of the Delta blues while remaining enchantingly West Coast in her psychedelic sensibilities. "Know My Name" hits you with a tidal wave of cool with shimmering tremolo provided by Sam Goldberg (Broken Social Scene), who played on all six tracks. Haunting piano strikes give a nod to Timber Timbre, and the vocals could be described as a female Anton Newcombe, without the melodrama. A 1950's swing cover of The Rolling Stones "Playing With Fire" would make Uncle Keith proud. "All That I Need" could be the swan song of a mermaid lost at sea: mystical and mysterious, kind of like Kandle herself. But do not be mislead, this is an album of substance, depth and true talent. It resonates like smoke from a blue flame and sticks with you like an old friend. Kandle Osborne: know her name.