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Emilie & Ogden
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Emilie & Ogden is not your typical duet but rather an encounter between a singer and a harp. Emilie grew up in a small town outside Montreal and moved to the city to study classical music. There she quickly fell in love with the harp after discovering Joanna Newsom. Emilie practiced her new instrument in the TEA band, a folk project she started with two friends in 2010. Her love of the instrument combined with a need for self-expression gave birth to Emilie & Ogden in November 2012. Her particular voice has often been described as pure and soft, resonating in perfect harmony with the harp. On her debut EP, Emilie collaborated with young producer Jesse Mac Cormack (MAK), also performing in her band, bringing a soft electronic touch to her traditional folk sound. Live, her sound is completed by Samuel Béland on synthesizers and Francis Ledoux on the drums. Emilie & Ogden could be described as "nouveau folk", drawing inspiration from other female artists such as Feist and St-Vincent. 

“She has a sweet, soothing voice that leads you through your day, echoing through your mind, as you won't easily forget its memorable tunes and tones.” 

- Indecent Xposure

“What is this sorcery! It’s so good. She’s great, beautiful, original and plays the harp. Yes, your heard me right. The harp. I hope she starts a new trend with this instrument because it sounds like angels crying.”

- Keys and Feathers

 Emilie & Ogden

 Emilie & Ogden

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